Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Community Action

At Oaks we believe it is important for us to be involved in our local community as much as possible; we do this by putting on events for the community like Fundays, quiz nights etc, but we also do it by being involved in community action.

A regular part of our church life is about us getting our hands dirty in the community and just being there. Things we do would include giving away batteries for smoke alarms and making it possible for people to have smoke alarms fitted if they do not have one, we clean up areas, paint schools, remove graffiti, litter pick and many other community minded things.

As with our funday we do this in our own local area but also in partnership with other churches across the town.

Word for the Year


The word for the year at Oaks is Harvest - we are praying for and believing on God for a Harvest and we invite you to sow into this.

Our Purpose

‘To know Jesus and
to make Jesus known’

Our Mission

‘To love God,
to love each other,
to love the lost’


A great place to grow

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