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About Us

Obviously its impossible to give the ‘full flavour’ of a church on a website, because church is about people and is relational. However we hope this website will give you a little taste of what we are about.

Oaks Community Church was started by a small group of Christians from the Church of the Holy Spirit, Bedgrove, who began to pray for the Acorns Estate in May 1995.

The Church eventually had its first public meeting in the William Harding School on December 10th 1995 with a group of 25 people.

Oaks became an independent church on December 10th 2000 and is now part of the Evangelical Alliance and linked to The New Wine Network.

In 2011 Oaks out grew the hall at the William Harding School and moved to Aylesbury Grammar School where we continue to grow and continue to be involved in our community.

We remain good friends with the Church of the Holy Spirit and are also founding members of the Aylesbury Church Network.

  • The Bible is God’s own word, and a sure and certain guide for life.
  • God loved the world, and gave his only Son to be its Saviour.
  • Jesus died and rose again, and will return in great power and glory at the end of the world.
  • Men and women are called to be in a real and living relationship with God through faith in the Lord Jesus.
  • The Holy Spirit has power to change those who trust in Christ, giving them a new start, a clean record, and a life worth living.


Our word for the year 2024 is Discipleship, our hope is that we grow not just in our knowledge but that we become more like Christ.

Our Purpose

‘To know Jesus and
to make Jesus known’

Our Mission

‘To love God,
to love each other,
to love the lost’


A great place to grow

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